I have an incurable body odor issue. Why should I continue to live?


My question straight forward and honest is would God send me to hell if I'm tired of living?  Let me explain.  For many years, I have been dealing with an incurable body odor issue, which causes me to smell of ammonia, regardless of how hygienic I am.  This is not a matter of hygiene.  I've visited numerous doctors and none of them can resolve this problem.  This is my life and my quality of life has drastically changed for the worse.  My career is destroyed and my social life is nonexistent.  I've become for a lack of a better word, a recluse.  I'm tired of dealing with this issue as it has ruined every aspect of my being.  The bottom line here is I'm tired of living like this.  I'm tired of asking God for help with no cure in sight.  At this point in time, I seriously wonder what's the point in living?  I mean let's get real here.  I'm talking real talk right now.  I don't want to die, but I seriously don't see a purpose or a reason to keep living like this?  It's pointless, absolutely pointless.


There have been numerous people in the Bible who were tired of living. Job and Jeremiah wondered why they weren't stillborn. Elijah saw himself as a failure. Even though at the moment these people didn't know why they needed to continue living, they understood that it was wrong to take their own life. See: Why Is Suicide a Sin?

While you have become a recluse, you are not totally uninvolved in the world. After all, you and I are talking. And just because you haven't found a solution yet, it doesn't follow that a solution can't be found or that the effect can't be minimized to a tolerable level. See: "Body Odor" by Dr. Gabe Mirkin.

Meanwhile, find things you can do. Farm -- animals and plants don't care what you smell like, yet you can care for them. Be adventurous and live in the wilderness. Develop your abilities to write. Be friends with people around the world through chats, Skype, Facebook, or whatever, and be a positive influence on others. My point is that you are focused on what appears to be blocked to you; instead, focus on the doors that are open.

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