I don’t like people touching my food. Is it biblically wrong?


I would like to know how to deal with an issue of mine from a biblical point. I have a problem with people touching the food I'm eating and not having clean habits (by the way, it seems like a very silly "problem" now as I write it). It's causing me all these thoughts of being bothered, I'm trying to cope with it, but I fail every time. I know Jesus said that the real uncleanliness is in our hearts and not in what we eat, but more than that I don't know how to manage not being bothered by poor cleaning habits. I know that I could just take it all as it is and eat whatever I'm handed from whatever hand, but I feel that would be unfair because there would be just me making a huge effort. Perhaps it's just me acting like a brat. I need to understand it from a biblical point of view, so I can be in peace.


Even in the days when there were uncleanness laws, the touching of food was not forbidden. People typically ate from common dishes. "He answered and said, "He who dipped his hand with Me in the dish will betray Me" " (Matthew 26:23). But you miss the point of what the Mosaical law was about anyway. See Uncleanness.

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