How do I repent for buying stolen items?


A few years ago, I bought stolen items from a friend's friend. It was a mystery box containing a few items from a convention. I don't know which convention. My friend's friend wanted to sell me the mystery box with the items for 10 dollars, which I agreed to. Right after I bought the items from my friend's friend, my friend told me the items in the box were stolen. It didn't seem to bug me at first and I badly wanted the items. Last year, I found out that buying stolen items was a crime, and I felt guilty about it. I asked God for forgiveness and said I would never buy stolen items again. Since last year, I've been stressed, anxious, and worried because I don't know if I will be left behind from the rapture after asking God for forgiveness and then keeping the items. Does God want me to make an effort to find the rightful owner of the items or give the items to someone in need? I don't know who it belongs to and I threw some of the items away or donated them to Goodwill. I've been going crazy making sure all the items are gone because God is coming back soon.  I feel that I have run out of time. I feel like I wasted time and didn't know buying stolen items is a crime.

Please help me give me some feedback. Thanks.


Buying stolen goods is helping the thief succeed in his crime, so therefore, it is just as wrong as the thievery itself. However, I don't know whether the items were actually stolen. Companies that attend conventions typically give away free items to advertise their business. People who attend such conferences often leave with a number of free items. All you have is your friend's statement that the items were stolen. I don't know if he told you the truth or not. It is just one person's claim.

But, if we must assume the items truly were stolen, then there should have been a police report regarding the thief. If there is no report then there is no way to trace back the original owners. The best you can do is give away what you received to a charity, which you mentioned that you have already done.

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