Constantine created the King James Bible


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I read "The Origin of the King James Version" and find it very interesting but you never say anything about the actual origin of the King James Bible. In short, this version was created by Emperor Constantine in the year 325AD. At this time, he was losing his hold on his empire and wanted to gain control again so he held a council, called Council of Nicea, which took the Hebrew Bible in its entirety and called that the Old Testament and then adapted the story of Horus, the Egyptian god of the Sun, as the New Testament, to create Jesus, a person that was at the time fictious, as there is absolutely no proof that Jesus of Nazareth ever really existed. Of all the known scribes and historians of that era, living in and around that area, not one wrote a single sentence about anyone that even comes close to the Jesus’ persona.

You would think that if someone was turning water into wine and raising the dead, that would have been written about but the ONLY narrative about Jesus  is in the KJV bible, nowhere else. Constantine created Christianity in Italy to control the people and gain wealth as well. There is no truth to the stories in the Bible as none of them can be proven at all, not historically, secularly or even by theologians. I have been a Christian my whole life but after reading and researching this for years, I find that Jesus was a made up being, for no other reason than to control his people and instill the fear of god into his people so he had better control.

This is most evident by the catholic practice of not eating meat on Friday. This is brought about due to the Catholic church losing money after King Henry of England separated himself and his country from this sect due to the Pope’s decision that divorce was not accepted in this religion. Once this happened and King Henry created the Protestant (protesting catholic doctrine) the Roman Catholic church suffered so much monetary loss, that the Catholic deity, who owned the fish markets, said “let’s make it unholy to eat meat on Friday so that everyone will buy more fish.” This worked and the fortunes that it raised also funded the building of a lot of Vatican city.

I feel betrayed by my Christian brethren, as though they are misled, you continue to perpetuate the myth of Jehovah and Jesus, neither of these being have ever existed. I would BEG you to prove me wrong as I have lost my faith in God and Jesus and would love to know that they are real. I know your response will say that faith by definition means believing in something you can’t prove but that’s a cop out.

I am not attacking you or your belief, just wanting to find out why I should believe when all the facts point to the creation of god as a human way to gain power and control over the people, which worked like a charm. If God did exist, how can he let all the pain, hunger and agony go on and don’t say that is the devil or free will or those usual sell out answers.

Give me some facts that I can research that proves this is for real, please. Either that or I am bond to live a life or uncertainty and doubt. Though I must say that I believe religion is the biggest waste of time there is, you don’t have to believe in god to be a good human being.


Of course you are attacking my beliefs. I can't fathom why you seek to deny what you are clearly doing. I've held on to this note for a while, mostly from disbelief that anyone can be serious when expressing such illogic.

Let me see, Constantine lived from A.D. 272 to 337. The King James Version was first published in A.D. 1611. Yet you claim that Constantine had the King James Version written in A.D. 325. Of course, there is the problem that Constantine spoke Latin since he ruled the Roman Empire. The King James Bible is written in English -- a language that only began to appear in A.D. 449 and was totally unlike the 1600's style of speaking the language. So you think that Constantine had a Bible created 1200 years before the language it was written in was used in the world.

Claims don't make facts. Jesus was mentioned in extra-biblical sources. He is mentioned by Josephus, a Jewish historian. He is mentioned by Tacitus, Suetonius, Julius Africanus, and Pliny, all Romans. There are numerous Christian writings many dating back to the first and second-century concerning Jesus and Christianity -- long predating Constantine. And the Bible itself is a historical document that dates back to the first century. There is more evidence of the existence of Jesus than some of the early Greek poets. See: "Extra-biblical references to Jesus and Christianity" for a small list.

Given your lack of historical understanding, you disprove that you have researched the matter. Your lack of understanding of the Bible proves you have not been a Christian, even if you claimed to have used the name at one time. Christianity does not define faith as believing in something you can't prove. Faith is another word for trust and that trust is founded in past evidence. Because of what God has done, I trust that He will accomplish what He says about the future.

But, no, I won't offer you "proof" because you have already demonstrated that no evidence is good enough for you. You prefer fables and information contrary to actual history. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables" (II Timothy 4:3-4).


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I’m sorry I contacted you, I was looking for someone who was objective and that is obviously not you. Sorry if I offended you but you have you information wrong. The first ENGLISH version of the King James Bible was printed in 1611, the Latin version was created at the Council of Nicea, during the Constantine’s rule. He took the entire Hebrew bible and created the old testament and then added the story of Horus, the Egyptian god of the sun, and converted that to the story of Jesus.  This is all historical fact.

I’m sorry I contacted and offended you but you are not as knowledgable on this as I had presumed.

Good luck in your beliefs.


It is so hard not to laugh over this, and yet that there are people who are actually this blind is so sad.

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