An Industrious Worker

I.         The Bible commends diligent work

            A.        Jacob had his faults, but one thing we notice is that he was an industrious worker

                        1.         Gen. 31:38-39 - Summary of his work record.

                                    a.         Prosperous growth in herds

                                    b.         No miscarriages in 20 years

                                    c.         No losses from wild animals or from his own personal use since he replace all that was lost from his own funds.

            B.        Potiphar was able to trust Joseph with everything he owned - Gen 39:6

            C.        Ruth worked all day pick up grain and then after nightfall threshed what she gathered - Ruth 2:17

            D.        Jehoiada’s workmen were so faithful, no one had to audit them - II Kings 12:9-15

            E.        Daniel’s enemies count not find anything with which to charge Daniel - Dan 6:4

II.        Workers who are like these people are too rare.

            A.        Perhaps we don’t train young people to be diligent in their labors.

                        1.         Society glorifies getting by with the minimum. It is “great” so long as it is good enough.

                        2.         Solomon urges us to learn from the ant - Pr 6:6-8

                                    a.         God’s design in nature can teach us about working!

                                    b.         Job 12:7-10 - There is a lot to learn from nature.

            B.        We always labored. Adam and Eve were given charge to care for the garden of Eden. - Gen 2:15

            C.        Paul did not just preached the Gospel, he lived it - I Thess 2:8-12

                        1.         Paul worked with his own hands - 1 Cor 4:11-12

                        2.         He taught during the day and made tents at night - Acts 18:2-3

                        3.         Hence, Paul claimed he wronged no one - II Cor. 7:2

III.       Poor work habits may not be obvious

            A.        Laziness and negligence - not giving your all

                        1.         Pr 10:4 - Negligence brings poverty.

                        2.         Pr 13:4 - The lazy craves and gets nothing

                        3.         Pr. 18:9 - A lazy worker is destructive.

            B.        Chasing after useless things - Pr 12:11

                        1.         Busy, but not focused on what needs to be done.

            C.        Wasting time in talk - Pr 14:3

            D.        Stealing from others - Lev 6:2-5

                        1.         Deceives in regard to funds entrusted with him

                        2.         Steals

                        3.         Cheats

                                    a.         Using false balance - Pr. 11:1

                        4.         Finds lost property and lies about it

IV.      A Christian must work, and work well for his employer - II Thess 3:11

            A.        Even if you work for yourself, you still need to put effort into what you do

                        1.         Ownership of anything requires upkeep - Eccl. 10:18

                        2.         Laziness with your own things is just as bad - Pr 24:30-34

            B.        Work with full effort - Eph 4:28

                        1.         You can’t sleep away the day and expect gain - Pr. 20:13

                        2.         Work with all your might - Eccl 9:10

                        3.         The virtuous woman did not eat the bread of idleness - Pr 31:27

            C.        Labor with skill - Pr 22:29

            D.        Work with an eye to what may come next

                        1.         This is the lesson from the ant - Pr. 6:6-8

                        2.         Prepare for hard times while things are going well - Pr 10:5

            E.        Be a trustworthy employee

                        1.         I Cor. 4:2 - Stewards are suppose to be trustworthy.

                        2.         Luke 16:10-12 - God expects us to be trustworthy with the things of this world.

                        3.         Pr 13:11 - Wealth gained by fraud dwindles

                        4.         Lev 19:35 - Our business dealings are to be fair.

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