A Trustworthy Statement

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

II Timothy 2:8-13


I.         If we died with him

            A.        Related to Romans 6:3-7

                        1.         In baptism we share in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus

                        2.         Death leads to life

                                    a.         New (different) life here on earth - Romans 6:4

                                    b.         A life after physical death - Romans 6:5

                                    c.         The latter is what Paul refers to in II Timothy 2:11 because he speaks of living in the future.

            B.        What Paul is not talking about

                        1.         Notice that it is in the past tense, so Paul is not talking about ongoing death, such as I Corinthians 15:31

                        2.         It cannot be the sinner’s prayer

                                    a.         That is not a death

                                    b.         Only baptism fits the metaphor

            C.        Thus, Paul indicates the necessity of baptism for salvation without mentioning either baptism or salvation

II.        If we endure

            A.        Related to James 1:12

                        1.         The endurance we are discussing is an endurance through trials

                        2.         It is not about enduring attending services for 40 years. It is about being faithful when faithfulness is difficult to achieve.

                        3.         It includes religious persecution, but it is anything that grinds us down, humbles us, or makes us feel worthless

            B.        Yet, if we endure we will receive a crown of life.

                        1.         We will be lifted up to reign with our Lord over all the difficulties in that had existed in this world.

III.       If we deny him

            A.        Related to Matthew 10:32-33

                        1.         The world pressures Christians to severe their ties with their Lord, but we cannot fold.

                        2.         Imagine called on to confess Christ while threatened with imprisonment or death

            B.        If we deny our Lord, we will be denied by him

                        1.         The idea of once saved, always saved does not fit here

                        2.         Our salvation depends on our lifting up Christ before those who hate him and us as well.

IV.      If we are faithless

            A.        Related to Hebrews 12:25-29

                        1.         The warning is not for non-believers or those pretending to be Christians

                        2.         The warning exists because believers might lose their trust

            B.        Yet any faithlessness on our part doesn’t change who God is

                        1.         God has always been faithful and will remain faithful

                        2.         This then answers the question: what happens if we slip and deny him or fall away, yet later through God’s mercy recover? - I John 1:9

V.        The life of a Christian is not always smooth or easy going

            A.        Anyone of us can fall

            B.        But we must be resolved to remains steadfast to the end - Hebrews 3:12-14

            C.        I must see that it isn’t my life that I live, but Christ’s - Galatians 2:20

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