We, the small but dedicated church are grateful to you for all the helpful teaching that you provide on your website.

A little about us. There are only 2 of us, now. We live in a small community of about 1,000 folks. Our band of Christians once numbered nearly 40 souls. Some moved away. The rest have passed on. Even when we were at our most, we met in the home of our oldest member. We have never had a preacher. We are serious students of the scriptures and we delight over every nugget of truth that we can unearth, through study.

Your sermon, today, was on Biblical Infallibility. It was so well researched and presented. I have learned a thing or two as the result. Thank you. II Timothy 3:16-17 is my go-to verse. We need to have no shame as we present the pure words of Truth.

My sister, here, and I are grateful to live in a time when we can easily go online to your website, and we can hear and read the teachings that feed us as we walk among the majority who do not belong to the Lord's church. None of our friends and acquaintances are in the Lord's church. Zero. Zip. Most of our friends are Baptists. Which brings me to the appreciation of an article, on your site, that was written by a former Baptist; entitled "Why I Left the Baptist Church" (dated April 2005). What a well-written work! I intend to use that letter to open some doors. Really, I can't say enough good about that article.

With the virus now nipping at everyone's heels, my sister in Christ and I are meeting outside on her back deck ... 6 feet apart ... on each Lord's day. Today was very cold and rainy. Soon there will be deep snow. By next Sunday we will need to worship from our separate vehicles, in the driveway ... windows rolled down. We are calling it 'Auto Church' ... to distinguish it from Porch Church. I tell you this in order to clearly paint the picture of why we are so grateful to you for helping two members of the family whom you have not yet met. And honestly, there have been moments when we have wondered if there are any groups in town that teach something close to Truth. We might have considered worshipping someplace that didn't teach too much error. Those moments are fleeting. They are born of desperation. Any error is too much error. And thank God that we can simply visit a site like yours to be reminded of who we are and Who bought us with the price of His own blood.

It is very encouraging for us to read and hear sound doctrine. Your website has been such a gift to us. Personally, I marvel at how consistently the Scriptures alone can produce Christians who are all teaching the same doctrine. There is no earthly head office. Just the scriptures. It is a thing of beauty. A flawless work produced by a perfect God and Savior. It humbles me.

Thank you for teaching Truth!


Thank you for your words of encouragement. I can understand the difficulty you and your sister face. I've seen two congregations in Nebraska collapse in the years I've lived here. I'm glad the material we are publishing is helping you.

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