Your website has a lot of information on preterism and homosexuality



I stumbled across your website as I was trying to find information on refuting Preterism (AD 70 fulfillment). I have family members who recently found out about this, and are submerging themselves in Jonathon Welton's teachings. Your web page has a lot of information, I hope to look through plenty of it in the near future.

I want to encourage you to continue to fight the good fight of faith, standing up against homosexuality is hard in this day and age, God wants a church that is pure, and the western church is no longer pure, but diluted.

I am a young (23 years) believer, a father of two, and am passionate about the Lord and His inevitable return. Your teachings online (from what I saw) are quite in line with my church.


I'm glad you've found the website useful in your studies.

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