Your study on Revelation is just what I was looking for


I just wanted to say I love your web site. I was looking for a study on Revelation to use along with the class we are having on Wednesday night. Our preacher is doing an excellent job of teaching the class, but I wanted to find a scripturally sound study to use as a parallel to the class so that I may get a better understanding of the book. After reading the outline it seems as if this study is parallel to what our preacher is teaching, but the method is a little different. This study seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

I have spent some time at this web site, looking at the various lessons you have available and I think I will be using more of them after I finish with the Revelation study.

Great web site.


I'm happy to hear you found a good use for the material and I hope the web site continues to be useful to you.

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