I came across your home page and took the time to read it. Well, I was impressed with what you had to say and just want to lift you up in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a shame there are not enough ministers (churches) that would stand on the principle you stand for. I attend a church of Christ Bible study and thus far (1 1/2 years) am still waiting to actually begin studying from God’s incredible book. I hope and pray that my group will realize that the time is near and begin to hunger for God’s word -- the Bible. Once again, I commend you and your church for holding onto the true teachings of our Lord God Almighty.

God bless you and keep you.


Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. That page definitely generates a lot of discussions. People either love it or hate it, but such is what you would expect when the truth is being advocated.

I'm puzzled that you have been in a Bible study for so long and haven't begun studying the Bible. Perhaps I misunderstood.

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