Your list of scripture on sports helped me encourage my son


I will keep this short due to the wonderfully small keypad that I'm using on my phone. I just came across your website while searching for scripture. I needed a few words of encouragement for my teenage son. He is a wonderful young man of God who may be struggling with a tough decision. This week is our Gospel Meeting. Tomorrow he has a junior varsity football game, which, if he's not in attendance, will cause a bit of strife among his teammates, notwithstanding the discipline he is sure to receive from the coaches. I came across some scriptures your website has listed on sports. I chose to send him, in a private text, II Timothy 2:1, 3, 5, 7. His reply was, "Thank you. I Love you."  Now I would like to thank you, for your efforts in sharing the Gospel. You never know what lives may be affected, whether it be around the globe, or in a small city. God bless your congregation and the work that you are doing there.


Thank you very much! The encouragement is much appreciated. I hope the site continues to be useful to you.

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