Your article on homosexuality was a little harsh, but it’s dead-on


I was googling around, and I stumbled upon one of your web pages which I found extremely helpful: Should Churches Accept Homosexuality.

I just wanted to say thank you for having it up on the web for all to see.  Homosexuality and "Cafeteria Christians" are important issues in the world today, and I think the manner they were responded to on that page might have been a little harsh, but it's dead on.  Thank you.


I'm glad you found the information useful. Though you might find the presentation "harsh," such style is sometimes needed to get a person's notice. Too often a person thinks that whatever he accepts is automatically accepted by God. Wake-up calls are rarely pleasant. You might be interested in two articles on this subject: The Offensive Christ and Jesus: Intolerant, Confrontational, and Exclusionary. While not always needed, people find it surprising that Jesus used this style of teaching on numerous occasions.

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