You helped me understand that the KJV is a translation and not the inspired word of God itself


Dear Minister,

A conversation with my father-in-law drove me to do some research concerning the King James Version of the Bible and other translations of God's inspired word. I was guided to your web site. Your article on the subject was very informative and enlightening, and I really appreciate it. It caused me to change some of my thinking and beliefs about this issue, especially about the KJV merely containing the inspired word of God and not being written by men that were inspired by God to write it. I understand now totally that the KJV of what we call the Bible and others are just merely translations of the inspired words of God. Thanks so much for helping me to understand.

After reading that article, I went to your home page that tells who you are and as I began to read the page my eyes began to water. I try to refrain from saying that the church has turned to apostasy because that is simply not what I want to believe. I wish that you were located in my area. The church that you described on the page is the church that I truly miss.

I was thinking this morning about how I had lost my influence and thus the reason why the church is not as influential as it once was. That message was very refreshing, timely, thought-provoking and brought my heart back to fond memories of what it is like to be fishers of men and adhered totally to the patterns of the teaching of the New Testament church.

Thank you for the encouragement received through your website. It has helped me this day to further keep my mind stayed on the study of God's, prayer, and taking back my joy in Christ from Satan.

Keep the truth in love.


I'm glad this site proved useful to your studies. There are congregations like this one all around the world. See: Congregations of the Churches of Christ

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