Would adhesions impact fertility?


Hello. I am 39 years old I have a son; he is 6 years old. My husband and I are doing our best to have another child. I have done vaginal laparoscopy and the doctor found adhesions in the uterus. My husband's sperms are 100 million and the motility is 70%. Is it possible to get pregnant? How long do sperms live inside me in this case?


In regards to your husband, a sperm count over 50 million per ejaculation is considered good. Motility is a measurement of how many of those sperms are actively moving in a fashion that can lead them to an egg. Any value over 50% is considered good. It is possible to father a child with less sperm and less mobile sperm, but the odds begin to rise against it happening.

On your side, the adhesions would definitely impact fertility. An adhesion is scar tissue leftover from some type of trauma to the uterus, such as a prior abortion, prolonged use of an IUD for birth control, or an infection, such as endometriosis. Adhesions can be removed via surgery. Until such time, the scar tissue interferes with a fertilized egg from finding a place in the uterus in which to plant itself and mature. Depending on the extent of the scarring, it is still possible to become pregnant, but the odds are considerably less.

After ejaculation sperm lasts for up to six days. Thus sexual intercourse any time within six days of ovulation can lead to a pregnancy.


I wrote to you before about my adhesions in the uterus, but I forgot to tell you that the doctor removed all of them during a hysteroscopy. When I woke up from the anesthesia, he told me that I will have my period on time which was going to be after four days from the date of the hysteroscopy. I had my period on time as usual and he said there will be a great chance to get pregnant the very next month. But what happened is that the next month (March) I was supposed to get the period on the 27th March, as my last period was 28th February, unfortunately, I didn't receive my period until today 31 March. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative. The doctor said that I am stressed and he gave me a medicine called utrogestan (progesterone) to regulate my period. I am so much upset. I am fighting with time because as I told you before I am already 39 years and I have a six-year-old son, he wants so much a brother or sister. I don't know what to do. By the way, when I have intercourse with my husband all the semen comes out, I don't feel them inside at all and my husband says that he feels like a wall is preventing him from penetrating, what is this?

Thanks, sir, for your concern, please write to me and pray for us.


I agree with your doctor, you do sound like you are getting stressed about the situation. I'm glad the surgery was successful, but you need to realize that even in the absolute best of circumstances, you won't get pregnant every month you try. The normal case for two healthy adults is an 85% chance of getting pregnant in one year's time of trying. Or another way of looking at it, the odds are on average that it will take about five months of trying to actually become pregnant. Sometimes it is sooner, some times it is later. Since you have had some scar tissue, it might take a bit longer than normal.

A woman's menstruation period can vary up to two weeks. It can be as short as 14 days and as long as 32 days. The average is 28 days, but this is only the average. Stress can cause the time period to shift. If your normal 28 days was March 28, then a three-day delay is nothing to be concerned about. But the fact that you had a period means that you didn't manage to get pregnant this month.

I know you are worried about your age, but many women are able to have children with little or no complications up to around the age of 45. So relax, you still have time.

My only concern is that you seem to be trying for the wrong reason. Having a child isn't something you should be doing to please your son. You should be having children because you and your husband would like to have another child. Tell your son that you and his father are interested in having another child, but whether one comes or not will be up to God. "Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3). Rather than trying to force God's hand, relax and leave your cares in His hand. He will do what is best, even when we may not fully understand.

If for some reason you are unable to bear a child after trying for a year or two, consider adopting a child. There are many children who need a home and you are wanting a child. Open your heart and you will find joy.

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