Why It Is Necessary to Teach Children Godly Values

Author Unknown

Children, without teaching and training, do not know about true values, especially godly ones. They depend on their parents to teach them what is valuable or not, right and wrong, truth and error, good and bad. Left alone, kids have a slim chance of becoming knowledgeable about such things. They need to be taught what will help them be successful in life and in the things of God. Why is it necessary for parents to get busy and teach their children good healthy values? The following are what children will do on their own:

  • A child will prefer a shiny penny to an old crumpled 100-dollar bill.
  • A child will eat dessert and no meat and potatoes if allowed to make his own choice.
  • A child will watch cartoons rather than read and learn so as to receive a solid education.
  • A child would rather play with puppets than become acquainted with Jesus.
  • A child will tinker with wood blocks or dolls rather than get dressed to go to church services.
  • A child left alone will not know about the perils of sin or the beauty of true salvation.
  • A child will not look beyond this life if not taught about heaven and hell.

When parents do not teach their children healthy moral values, it is probably because they themselves were not taught when they were young. Or it could simply be a case of extreme laziness or something similar to that. Parents - please take the time to teach your children properly about God.

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