Why is Jude 9 linked to Zechariah 3:2?


I have a question about the book of Jude. In particular, verse 9. It talks about the archangel Michael and the devil in a dispute about the body of Moses. I had not read this before, or at least don't remember it. At the bottom of the page, the reference is Zechariah 3:2.

I have read over this and frankly, I just don't understand it. In Jude, it talks about Michael and the devil in a dispute over the body of Moses, but in Zechariah, it talks about visions in which Joshua is standing in front of an angel and the devil is also standing there to accuse him.

I think I am missing a point here. I can't seem to relate the two passages. I did see that this seems to relate to Satan being rebuked by God. Both passages say something to that effect. But what am I missing here? Is there another passage I should be reading that is related to this and would make it more clear?


The cross-reference is not there because these are the same events. Rather, the event in Zechariah 3:1-2 is another case where Satan disputes something with a servant of God. The High Priest Joshua responds in the same manner that Michael did with Satan: "The LORD rebuke you, Satan!" The reference shows a pattern of behavior.

In both cases, God's servants are careful not to put themselves in a position of issuing a final judgment. Even when dealing with Satan they say that God will judge him. His sins do not exist because they do not like Satan, God is the one who decides what is right or wrong.

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