Why Do We Keep Letting This Happen?

by Terry Wane Benton


“Why do we keep letting this happen?”

You cannot control human hearts. From the heart proceed murders and all manner of sin (Mark 7:21-23). We have stopped giving hearts a moral compass in our homes. Schools have conditioned generations to think morality is just whatever we want it to be since we are not made in God’s image but are products of chance and evolution. We have trained children to disrespect the law and human life. We have aborted children because they are sometimes inconvenient. If you can kill them before birth, where is the moral compass that says that life is valuable after birth? Some never teach the golden rule because that principle is “religious” in nature. We have been conditioned to reject all things “religious” while making humanism and atheism the favored religion. Our moral compass is not tied to accountability to anyone.

With all these variables of devalued life and hopelessness, we have to realize that the only legitimate question in this atmosphere is “how can it not happen?” All the more reason to preach repentance toward God so that hearts can find the moral compass that has the power to change the heart for the better!

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