Why do some of the pictures on your web site show Jesus with long hair?


With no disrespect intended or meant, I wonder, after reading your excellent articles on "hair," why you, in your Bible story pictures section, post pictures of our Lord wearing long hair? After reading I Corinthians 11, I personally believe my Lord would do nothing that would be shameful. It does seem to contradict your articles.

Thanks for your consideration. I, as a member of the Lord's church, mean no disrespect to you.


I have no control over the artists -- I wasn't even born when these pictures were drawn. I don't believe Jesus had long hair. For that matter, he probably wasn't as handsome as most artists depict him (Isaiah 53:2). But the pictures have uses and match the common misconception of what Jesus looked like. Notice that you "know" which person is supposed to be Jesus even though none of us have seen him. I figure I would select the images that get as close as possible to the truth even though I know they aren't fully there.

The simple matter is that if you don't like a particular image, don't use it.

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