Why do I feel guilty about dating after my divorce?


My ex-husband and I cheated on each other during the time we were married. Looking back I can see that we were lukewarm Christian. I cheated on him at the last because he came home and told me he loved this other girl and everything and he cheated on me a lot and I was so mad at him that I cheated to only hurt him. I felt bad afterward and we stayed together but it was ugly and a lot of fighting, but I started to have a relationship with God and asked for forgiveness of my sins. My ex and I started praying and reading the Bible, but one day I notice a change in him, and I later found out he was cheating on me with the girl he was in love with. He chose her over his family.

It’s been three years since our divorce. He’s still in a relationship with her, but if I even try to have a relationship, God puts conviction on my heart or He will close the door on it. I want to know why it is that I’m feeling this way? Could I remarry? Are do I need to stay solo? Why is God making me feel bad for dating? I feel like I’m cheating on my husband, but we are legally divorce. I need to know so I can be at peace.


You and your ex-husband only claimed to be Christians while living a lifestyle that is contrary to what Christianity is about. That is called hypocrisy. You started to change, but your ex-husband remained in his sin.

I don't know if your divorce was because of his adultery or not. When it comes to both spouses committing adultery, I am not able to answer whether you have the right to a second marriage or not.

God speaks to us through His Word (the Bible) and not through vague feelings. Why you feeling guilty is something you would have to answer, but God is not causing you to feel guilty.


Thanks for getting back to me.

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