Why are you on Facebook?


Your idea of a biblical church is the way I see it too. Awesome.

Why are you on Facebook?  Facebook is worldly and a spy agency really, so, why would you bother with Facebook? I don't like or trust Facebook, but I do have a small simple account for my grandson. His other family has a Facebook account for photos and communication. I do not trust Facebook as they have information on everybody for their use and are not honest people. Just wondering.

I wish you were in my state as I would attend your place of worship and Bible study.



There are churches like the one in La Vista in just about every state.

We use social media sites, like Facebook, to reach more people with the Gospel. It is no different than Paul entering the Jewish synagogues to teach after leaving Judaism. He went because that was a place you could find people interested in God. In the same way, we go where we can connect with people.

Yes, companies have been making money for decades by analyzing the behavior of people to determine what might sell. Stores do it with the shoppers who come in, car lots do it with the people who visit, phone companies do it with who you call and who calls you, social media does it with the data its users voluntarily provide, and the latest voice-activated remote controls do it by eavesdropping. It is the way life is and every user of such devices or services is warned that information is collected for the benefit of the company offering the services. I simply try to live a life that doesn't embarrass me if someone finds out what I do with my time.

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