Why are there all these new practices in the church?


I am having trouble accepting new ideas within the church. Last Halloween the church sponsored a "trunk or treat" in the parking lot by putting Halloween themes in trunks of cars and giving out candy to kids coming down the street!  Then at Christmas, the preacher called my house and ask if he and the church young people could come to my house to sing Christmas carols, to which I said "no." Now, the Wednesday night children's Bible hour is showing Veggietales movies and having cookies and a drink. One big church the area has acapella singing at the 8:30 worship service and instrumental music at the 11:00 worship service. Can you enlighten me about these things?


There isn't anything to enlighten you about them. You already know they are unscriptural. It is what brethren have been warning about for hundreds of years: if you don't justify your practices by the Scriptures, then anything can and will go.

I would suggest finding a congregation that stays with the Bible and follows Galatians 1:6-10. I know there are several in your area.

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