Who is responsible for a child born out of wedlock?


What if a guy has a child outside of his marriage with another woman? Is he still responsible, such as for child support? What if his wife knows but disapproves of the child growing up with their children? What if he has a child that he knows is his but refuses to take care of it? The child is completely innocent but most women seem to resent a child that her husband fathered outside the marriage.

Were there any faithful husbands in the Bible? If so, tell me their names and wife names.


When a person sins, he is responsible for the consequences that result from his sin. If a man fathers a child with a woman he is not married to, he has the choice of helping raise the child, helping finance the raising of the child, or seeing that the child is placed in a family where it can be raised properly. The woman has choices too and what happens will depend on what each chooses.

The wives are not always named in the Bible. If you are asking for the names of men who only had children with one wife, a very partial list would be Adam and Eve, Noah, Isaac and Rachel, Joseph and Asenath, and Boaz and Ruth in the Old Testament. Zachariah and Elizabeth, Joseph and Mary, and Peter all only had one wife in the New Testament. The list is actually much longer because it would be assumable that most were faithful unless we are told otherwise.

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