Where can I find acapella recordings for the songs in our songbook?


I had a cassette collection of the Songs of the Church Acapella and I think they were sung by the Meistersingers. I moved and my tapes were lost and are sorely missed. Do you know of any source where I could buy another set? I am a song leader in a small church of Christ and used these tapes to learn new songs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



I did find a tape by the Table Singers which used the songs from "Songs of the Church." See Harmonies Workshop and scroll down to "Songs of the Church."

Most of the current songbook publishers have tapes or CDs available for the songs in the book.

  • Praise for the Lord has a mixture of tapes and CDs for the songs in their book which can be ordered from the publisher (800-331-5991).
  • Hymns for Worship has four CDs for most of the songs in their book, which can be found at RJ Stevens Music. There is also an instructional DVD for the songbook that might interest you.
  • Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, published by Sumphonia, has a growing collection of CDs for the music in their songbook. They tend to publish a new CD every year.

Good sources of A Capella music can be found at:

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