When Songs were Greater than Swords

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Short Talk

Text: II Chronicles 20:1-29


I.         During Jehoshaphat’s reign, Moab, Ammon, and Edom combined to attack Jerusalem

            A.        Jehoshaphat called on God for help

            B.        The answer - II Chronicles 20:15-17

            C.        They went out without weapons – only songs and praise on their lips - II Chronicles 20:20-23

                        1.         Somehow Ammon and Moab thought Edom was attacking them and the two destroyed Edom

                        2.         They then turned on each other until no one was left

II.        Psalms 46

            A.        Psalms 46:1-3

                        1.         God’s help is always there

                        2.         He is an immovable foundation

            B.        Psalms 46:4-7

                        1.         It doesn’t matter what others do, there is peace with God

            C.        Psalms 46:8-9

                        1.         God controls all

                        2.         For all our technology, we can’t make peace. We only come up with greater ways to destroy each other.

                        3.         Wars come from the nature of humans

                        4.         But God changes people and the result is peace

            D.        Psalms 46:10

                        1.         Be still

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