What should we do, since we do not have my father’s permission to marry?



I have read something online that relates to my situation. I have a lady and we agreed to enter into a relationship that will lead to marriage. I immediately talked to her mother. She tried to claim that we are related, but she was unable to prove it. We pressed on. Later my dad said that we come from the same clan.

Her home is very far from my home. We can't marry. No one will even write a wedding for us. My dad ended by saying we should break up, but that is not possible for us. We don't have any issues. We love each other so much. My mother kept silent about it, but recently she mentioned that she just kept quiet because she knows that our relationship has no problems.

I am confused. We are still dating and expect to marry soon, but my dad has not yet approved. I would like to get your advice.


If you are adults, then you don't need your parents' permission in order to get married. It is nice to have, but it is not required.

Your country has two basic types of marriages. One is based on traditional customs and another is based on civil laws. If you can't meet the requirements for a traditional wedding, you can always get a civil wedding. Your relatives may not like it, but you are marrying this woman. The question you and your fiancee need to discuss is whether you are willing to deal with the disapproval of your relatives and perhaps live without close family ties. Most likely, your family will relent once you get married, but it is a possibility that they won't forgive you for going against traditions.


Thanks so much for the advice. God bless you.

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