What passages of the Bible are connected to the laws of our government?


It seems to me in the laws of the State there is a system of proportional justice based on the Bible. What passages can be directly connected to the laws of the State? What passages could be used to develop or support laws of the State which do not exist?


Given the very broad nature of your question, attempting to answer it in a timely fashion would not be possible. One probably could write a book or two on the subject, especially since there are so many laws on the government's books. It is well-known that the founders of our country used the Bible as a major guide in establishing laws for our country. What they started has seeped into all areas of our modern culture. To discuss what additionally could be done is also an open-ended task which I could not answer in a timely fashion.

If you would like to write back with a more specific question, perhaps I'll be able to address it.

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