What does the Bible say about the Rapture?


I am 13 years old. I am attempting to write a fictional book about the Rapture. I know nothing about the Rapture other than what the Bible says. I would like some in-depth understanding of this phenomenon in order to write my book better. Could you help me, please?


Writing a book is certainly an ambitious project, but any consideration of the Rapture would have to be fictional since it doesn't appear in the Bible. See the following for more details:

The Rapture is a part of a series of beliefs called Premillennialism. It was developed in the 1800s. The article "An Overview of Premillennial Theories" will give you information about what the various versions teach (there isn't one theory).

Perhaps you could write a fictionalized account of what the second coming of Christ will be like which is actually based on the teachings of the Bible. That is rare to find. See the articles on "The Second Coming of Christ"  If you have more questions, just write to me again. I'll be happy to try and answer them.

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