What do you think about the World Bible School?


I am currently taking an introductory lesson from the World Bible School.  Can you tell me what your opinion is regarding their lessons, if you have encountered them, or you can tell me what you think of the World Bible School itself?  Do you find them helpful? If not, why not?

Thank you, sir. God bless you.


The World Bible School is an institution established by more liberal members of the churches of Christ. The amount of material they publish is quite large and I have only looked at a few samples. What I have read appears to be accurate.

Where I and my brethren have a disagreement with this institution is in its organization and funding. In essence, it is using a man-made institution to accomplish the work God has set out for churches and individuals to accomplish. The justification is that it is more cost-effective, but I have concerns when an organization makes decisions regarding what is taught instead of Christians or a local church. Funding is a concern as it is financed by churches. Where we have examples in the New Testament of churches sending funds to support a preacher to teach the gospel, we don't have examples of churches sending funds to an man-made organization for the purpose of teaching the gospel.

The liberal congregations of the churches of Christ have been having problems of late with the more liberal elements in their number attempting to pull them further into denominational practices. At the moment this movement has not influenced the World Bible School's teachings, but I don't know how long this will remain so. There is always a tendency for people and congregations to drift away from the teachings found in the New Testament. It has been my experience that once some alterations are accepted, the changes start slowly and then pick up speed over the years. Centralizing teaching, such as through colleges or institutions, only create focal points where such drifts create a larger impact.

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