What can I do about my teenage son’s obsession with diapers and his hiding food in his closet?


I have a question regarding my teenage son's obsession with diapers. I have found out he has been on inappropriate web sites about diapers. This has been going on for about three years that we know of. The school found he was on a diaper site, and in fifth grade, we found a diaper in his backpack, which he lied about. But then another diaper came home and I found it hidden in the closet.  He was also hiding food that we would find in the closet at times. It might be food uneaten from school lunch or food from dinner at home. We have prayed, fasted and prayed for our son and he is still doing these things. I am at a loss for words. Do you have any suggestions?

I was reading your site where someone had a spanking fetish.  You have some very truthful points about fetish really being sin; call it what it is.


Without some long discussions with your son, I'm afraid I can only make some general comments.

It is not unusual in adolescence for a teenager to develop compulsive behavior, especially in teenage boys. The roots of the tendency come from the rewiring of the brain from childhood to adulthood. The majority of teens grow out of their compulsions and their obsessive behavior, but for a few the patterns they set up during their teenage years get locked in and carry into adult life.

Obsessive interest in diapers could be from a fetish -- a sexual association to an object -- but it could also be tied to something else.

Hiding food is typically an obsession with binge eating.

Until you find someone who can talk to your boy and really listen to what is going on in his private life, it will remain a guess. Once the problems are brought to light, then they can be dealt with. Prayer will help you deal with the stress of dealing with his problem, but you also need to take action. If your boy is reluctant to talk to you, find a good counselor, but I would not suggest letting this problem continue.

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