We need encouragement to stay sexually pure


My society frowns at early marriage and yet pretends not to notice the prevalence of premarital sex. I am 29, with a fiancee, and a Christian. I know the pressure, but God has been helpful. If I am allowed, I will marry, but we have to wait. Please, we need encouragement to stay sexually pure.


Though the trend is toward later marriages, I only know of a few countries that actually make it a rule to wait until your late twenties to marry. I don't know of any country that would prevent a 29-year-old from marrying. I assume your decision to wait is for other reasons.

I do understand the pressures to go ahead and have sex before marriage. I was once young myself. But as Christians, we know the dangers of that particular trap. Too often people do not stop to see the alternatives. They set themselves goal which are too high to achieve and then wonder why they failed to reach them.

Sex is a wonderful thing that belongs solely to a marital relationship. So if the desire for sex is great, it is better to marry (I Corinthians 7:8-9). Paul said that even though at the time marriage would bring hardships due to persecution (I Corinthians 7:26). That life might be less than ideal is not an excuse to sin.

I see people doing the same today. They put off marriage until they are out of school and into established careers. Yet the pressure for sex is high, so they give in rather than accepting the alternatives. They could get married. Yes, it would be a bit harder to finish school. They won't be able to live quite as luxuriantly. But they discount a very important point: they won't be sinning.



I like your prompt response. It shows you really care about 'our struggle.' Well, I am Nigerian and it is not really a written law but a general perception that has influenced even the church. However, I am confident He will guide until the day is done.


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