by Terry Wane Benton

Male and female made He them (Genesis 1-2). God said it and did it. That settles it. There is no third and fourth gender option.

I was not able to "decide my gender." That was fixed at the moment of conception. I operate under the fact of my gender assigned by the chromosomes of my conception. It assigned me the male gender.

It would be an insult to my Creator to be unthankful and work against the male nature of my body, abusing it in an effort to make it what it is not. I do not have a female body, and I do not have a divine right to abuse my body in an effort to try to make it female. That too is "against nature" (Romans 1:22ff). Fantasizing about being something else or someone else only reflects a thankless heart and feeds it and legitimizes it.

When we enable people to do that which insults God, the nature maker, we will reap the consequences of a lawless and godless society. Perversity has no stopping point. All law that is not completely arbitrary comes from God the ultimate law-giver and nature creator. We must not legitimize mental and emotional disorders.

There are only two genders. Male and female made He them. Praise God for how He made you and the gender He gave you. Be thankful for the vehicle He gave you for this temporal journey. When He made male and female it was good. When men refused to glorify God and be thankful to Him things always go bad. See Romans 1:20ff again.

So, let us teach what God teaches, that we are only two genders, and let us teach our children to glorify God in the body he gave them. Be thankful for who you are! It is hard to believe that we have come to a point in time when this needs to be said.

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