The Way

Text: Isaiah 35


I.         At times I will be studying and a verse sticks in my mind.

            A.        In Isaiah 35 is a prophecy. It is obviously talking about the time when Jesus walked on this earth - Isaiah 35:4-6

            B.        What struck me was the description of a highway - Isaiah 35:8-9

                        1.         Such an interesting roadway.

                        2.         The unclean, those tainted by sin, will not use it.

                        3.         The fool in his wandering will not stumble across it.

                        4.         The violent beasts will not be found near it.

                        5.         But the redeemed will walk there.

            C.        I recalled that Paul often referred to Christianity as “The Way”

                        1.         Saul sought to persecute the followers of the Way - Acts 9:2; 22:4

                        2.         Priscilla and Aquila explained to Apollos the way of God - Acts 18:26

                        3.         People spoke evil of the Way (the kingdom) - Acts 19:8-9

                        4.         Demetrius caused a disturbance about the Way - Acts 19:23-27

                        5.         Some Jews believed the Way was a sect of Judaism - Acts 24:14

                        6.         Felix was acquainted with the Way - Acts 24:22

II.        What is this Way?

            A.        John 14:6 - Jesus said he was the Way.

            B.        It was by Jesus’ death that a new, living way was established

III.       Why sinners will not follow the Way

            A.        God said the way would be made easy - Isaiah 42:16

            B.        Every obstacle would be removed - Isaiah 57:14

            C.        Hosea 14:9 - The wicked stumbles on the path

            D.        Jesus was the rock of stumbling - I Peter 2:7-8

                        1.         To walk the way required belief, acceptance, and obedience to Jesus, which many are unwilling to yield.

                        2.         They insisted in walking their own path - Romans 9:32-33

                        3.         Jesus made them choose - John 15:18-25

            E.        People love wickedness too much to walk on a clean path - II Thessalonians 2:9-12

IV.      The fool cannot find the path in his wanderings

            A.        The way is narrow - Matthew 7:13-14

            B.        God encouraged His people to put up guideposts - Jeremiah 31:21-22, but they still wandered.

            C.        God would be a voice guiding them - Isaiah 30:20-21

            D.        But the lazy would rather attempt to take a shortcut through the thorns - Proverbs 15:19

            E.        You see the fool doesn’t believe in God - Psalm 14:1

                        1.         If there is no God, then there is no guidance. So man strikes out to find his own way.

                        2.         But there are more wrong ways to a goal than right ones. Experiment after experiment fails.

                        3.         We see in our society thousands of failed social experiments.

                                    a.         Marriage is not necessary

                                    b.         Children shouldn’t be disciplined

                                    c.         Sexual freedom

                                    d.         Abortion on demand

                                    e.         Normalization of homosexuality

                        4.         People see the failure, but they will not accept that the old paths of God are right, they think we only need to “fix” our method and it will work.

            F.        Rightly did Paul say - I Corinthians 3:18-20

            G.        The foolish, who see themselves as wise, will not be attracted by the gospel - I Corinthians 1:26-29

V.        Yet, the saved will enjoy the path

            A.        A highway is a way to reach a destination quickly and safely.

                        1.         God would do something new, creating a highway for his people through the desert - Isaiah 43:18-20

                        2.         It would not only speed them on their way, but it would bring them along paths were water would sustain them.

                        3.         It would be made clear and well marked - Isaiah 62:10-12

                        4.         The path avoids evil - Proverbs 16:17

            B.        The way of God is to do good works - Ephesians 2:10

            C.        It is a path that requires faith - II Corinthians 5:5-9

            D.        It is a path that requires love - Ephesians 5:1-2

            E.        It is a path that requires righteousness - I John 1:7

            F.        How do you find that path? - Romans 6:4

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