The Promise of His Coming

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: II Peter 3:1-13


I.         The variety of beliefs regarding Jesus’ return is large.

            A.        Many expect Jesus to return to rule here on earth

            B.        II Peter 3 stands as a rebuke to those who desire to see the coming as anything other than what it is – the end of the word

            C.        We will focus our study on II Peter 3:10

II.        The Day of the Lord

            A.        It refers to a time of judgment

                        1.         Isaiah 2:12-17 - against the proud

                        2.         Jeremiah 46:9-10 - against countries

                        3.         Joel 2:28-32 - Destruction of Jerusalem

                        4.         Malachi 4:5 - The first coming of Christ

            B.        This day, though, refers to a sudden judgment, like a thief

                        1.         It is a coming that has been promised - II Peter 3:4

                        2.         It is one related to the destruction of the world by flood - II Peter 3:5-9

                        3.         It will be so abrupt that people won’t have time to prepare - Matthew 24:36-44

                        4.         Thus the need to be prepared for the unexpected - I Thessalonians 5:1-4

III.       The Heavens Will Pass Away With a Great Noise

            A.        The word “heaven” is used three different ways

                        1.         There is the heaven where the birds fly; that is our atmosphere - Jeremiah 4:25

                        2.         There is the heaven where the sun, moon and stars reside; that is, outer space- Isaiah 13:10

                        3.         And there is the heaven where God dwells which is a spiritual realm - Hebrews 9:24

            B.        Peter is referring to the physical realms and does not include the spiritual one.

            C.        The phrase “will pass away” comes from the Greek word parerchomai

                        1.         Heaven and earth will pass away, but in contrast Jesus’ words will remain forever - Matthew 24:35

                        2.         Or when someone dies - James 1:10

                        3.         The earth and heavens will perish - Hebrews 1:10-12

            D.        And it won’t be a quiet going

IV.      The Elements Will Melt with Fervent Heat

            A.        “Elements” is the primary materials out of which everything is formed.

                        1.         Thus the basic ingredients of this physical universe will melt in intense heat.

            B.        The word “melt” translates the Greek word luo which means to break up, destroy, or dissolve

                        1.         In other words everything will be broken up into elemental pieces.

V.        Both the Earth and the Works that Are in It Will Be Burned Up

            A.        The same Greek word for “Burned up,” katakaio, is used in Acts 19:19. It means to be consumed by fire.

            B.        What will be consumed? The earth and its works.

                        1.         That would include the towering peaks, the rolling hills, the winding streams, the extended plains, the deep forests, the mighty oceans, the peaceful valleys, the underground minerals, springs, lakes, and oceans

                        2.         It will include all the works of man: those expensive homes, the sprawling cities, the parks, the farms, the gardens, highways, books, machines, and merchandise

VI.      What Manner of Persons Ought You to Be?

            A.        Seeing that all of this world isn’t meant to last, why are you putting so much emphasis on transient things?

            B.        God promises a new heaven and earth - II Peter 3:13

            C.        It will be a spiritual home, not a physical one - I Corinthians 15:44, 46, 50

            D.        The old will be gone - Revelation 21:1

            E.        But will you be invited into the new? - Revelation 22:12-17

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