The Collision Between Homosexuality and Christianity

by Dennis Abernathy

The agenda of the LGBTQ is to redefine the family. Bumper stickers are seen all over that say: “Burn the Binary.” What does that mean? It means to destroy the distinction between man and woman or male and female. Apparently, such foolishness is making inroads in our culture, since more and more people can’t seem to be able to tell the difference between a man and a woman, and even believe that a man can have babies. Even the medical profession is jumping on the bandwagon. Definitions are being changed and gender has been expanded to mean who knows how many. The family is the building block of civilized society, and it was the first institution ordained by God. Our Supreme Court foolishly acquiesced to this ungodly agenda allowing same-sex marriages in every state. Slowly but surely, religion is coming around to the acceptance of such ungodliness and perversion.

Homosexuality is not a new issue. Proof of its existence is seen in the literature and art of ancient cultures, dating back thousands of years. We read of it, and of God’s disdain for it, in the pages of Scripture, the wickedness of Sodom stands as a glaring example. See (Genesis 19; Romans 1:24-27; I Corinthians 6:10-11).

There can be no doubt that there is an escalating collision taking place between homosexuality and Christianity in our culture. Sensationalized by mainstream media, and propagated in many of our public schools and Universities, the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism have invaded every facet of our society, including our homes and churches. Such chaos is changing our understanding where a person can accept that they are neither a man nor a woman, and we are hearing of people who are nonbinary, genderfluid, or gender expansive and the pronoun “he” or “she” should not be used. Instead, transgenderism has adopted a vocabulary of confusion and chaos.

Robert Mohler, Jr offered the following: “The transgender movement offers false and dangerous promises. It is looking for freedom in all the wrong places. It is offering all the wrong answers to life’s most important questions. Transgenderism writes checks that bounce. It offers a lie veiled in truth and happiness. It will only end in more brokenness and pain, devastation and destruction” [The Gathering Storm, p 102-103]. Laura Jacobs is quoted in the New York Times: “I don’t know what genders are going to look like four generations from now…the classifications we now live under will fall by the wayside.” Such amounts to an all-out repudiation of the biblical dignity or maleness and femaleness! Think on these things.

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