Thank you for sharing “Searching for My Friend”


Just a note of thanks for sharing this post and the notes to your friend.

I pray that he is still on the right path.

There was much wisdom in your notes. I have a son who is headed down the same path that your friend was on. Your approach has given me hope, and I intend to follow your path.  I will probably use some of your notes as a template for my own notes to my son. I trust that will be okay with you.

May God richly bless you.


Thank you very much for letting me know. The young man told me a few years later that he kept all my letters in a notebook to reread.

Certain things happened that haven't been good for him. His father died. He tries but I know he falls back into drugs frequently. Then the church in his town folded. He goes to another one that is about an hour away, but I don't think he has been all that faithful. He knows I won't help him if he is using, which is probably why I don't hear from him much. I still hold out hope for him, but then I never really give up on anyone. As it currently stands, it is up to him to decide that he wants the good life. I can't force him.

I pray that the letters help you with your son and that you reach him. You're welcome to use the letters -- that is why they were put on the website. If you think I might be able to help in some way, just let me know.

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