Thank you for providing clarity on my own issue with false prophets


I want to thank you for providing more clarity on an issue that has been bothering me.

My fiancée informed me two weeks ago that three prophets in her church warned her to stop our wedding, which was to take place in a few months. Note that our upcoming wedding has the blessings of her parents and my parents. Everything was moving fine until she got this prophecy allegedly from three different prophets in her church. When I informed her father about her decision, he was not happy about it and he told me he has a feeling she was being manipulated.

After reading your response to this question: A prophet told my fiance not to marry me. What do I do? I felt relief in my spirit because my fiancée was already accusing me of not believing the words of the prophets. I told her that she truly loved me, she would not believe them either.

It is clear to me that God did not call pastors to mix pagan teachings with the gospel of Christ. Nobody knows the future more perfectly than God. Her acceptance of the prophecy is a clear indication that her love for me was neither true nor deep.

Thank you so much.


I'm sorry that your wedding plans are not working out, but it is better to learn of these problems before marriage than after.

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