So there is not a sin gene?


Dear Jeffrey,

Can you, if you get the chance, please confirm my understanding from one of your sermons Infant Baptism? This is the first time ever, I've heard the thought we didn't inherit sin, and I'm staggered by that. So there is no sin DNA? We don't sin because we are from Adam and inherited this behavior? Rather, we sin because we choose to by virtue of God giving us free will? Is my understanding correct?

That makes sense if I've grasped this as the message. At times I've wondered about babies and the context of the "inherited sin - we all sin because we were born that way - it's in our makeup because of Adam and Eve" mindset.

I adore your sermons, listening to them daily. I'm learning and evolving, paradigms are shifting as I now have a resource I trust that puts everything back into the scriptural intent and biblical source of truth context. The La Vista resources are really super-duper fabulous. I am working my way alphabetically through the sermons.

All the very best.


You have the right idea. For some articles on this topic, see: Inherited Sin and Free Will

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