Should spankings only be done on the bottom?


We have three boys 8,10 and 12. Of late they have become very defiant. We have read your web site and decided to spank. While being spanked they kick their legs and refuse to stay still. Should we swat them on the back of the legs to stop this, or is the bottom the only correct place for chastisement?


I assume that you still a bit stronger than they are, if not, turn the task of disciplining over to your husband. The idea of spanking is that a child will not like the experience. Of course, they will seek some means to end it as quickly as possible. Sit in a chair that has no arms have them bend over your lap. Place one hand or forearm across the small of their back. They might thrash around, but without anything to push off on, they will not be able to get up. If the kicking gets too wild, just hold on to them calmly and in the calmest voice possible tell them you will continue when they stop kicking. It might take a while, but they will eventually give up. When they do, continue as if nothing happened.

The passages on spanking talk of swat the back (the rump), so I would not recommend swatting the legs (Proverbs 13:10; 19:29). One, it won't calm the situation down. And two, there is not as much "padding" on the back of the legs, so a switch might leave a mark.

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