Should I stop using social media that advertises abortions?


I was on Instagram and saw an ad for Planned Parenthood. it made me so mad! I immediately reported it as offensive. But should I just stop using it altogether? Would it be wrong for me to make a post about why abortion is evil? I'm a woman and wouldn't want to overstep my boundaries when it comes to teaching and authority.


There are billboards along the highway that advertise things that I object to, but I don't stop using the highway. I don't expect secular companies to uphold Christian values, but I do use the opportunities these companies give to teach others. So I have a page on Facebook where I post articles from the church. I don't force it on anyone. People are free to follow it or not and still, I have several thousand watching it. In my own personal account, I try to post uplifting things to show what being a Christian is like. I have many friends who post thoughts from the Scriptures or short lessons for people to read on their personal pages.

Thus, consider what would help a person rethink their position. Too many Christians battle abortion with offensive images and graphic details. Personally, I don't want that in my life and those posts are blocked. But there are good loving reasons why abortion should not be considered, such as promoting adoption as a selfless gift to another couple, not holding an infant responsible for your own mistakes, and holding true appreciation for the value of life -- even when it is a personal inconvenience.

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