Should I marry a guy I knew for less than two weeks?


I was on an internship in a Muslim country. Only ten days were left before the completion of my internship. I met this guy several times. He cared a lot about me. I never received this kind of care from any other person before. In those few days, we meet every night for five or six hours. We kissed and did everything except sex. We were in so love. He dropped me off at the airport. He wanted to give me a last kiss, I asked him to wait until we arrived at the airport, but ended up not kissing, we hugged instead. After he was gone, I wanted to kiss him. I remember that he was crying. He did everything to be with me, and I ruined our last meeting.  I don't know if we are going to meet again or not. We really miss each other.

One day I asked him if there is any chance of us getting married, as this is the only way we can live together, but he denied that our families will ever accept this as I am Hindu and he is Muslim. I asked him to visit my country, but he said I'll try my best. I am looking at all the possible ways to go back to him. Am I doing the right thing or not?

We don't have any future, but I still want him. He is two years younger than me, but he doesn't have any problem with this. I like him a lot, and he misses me a lot, but we are now in different countries.

What should I do? Please guide me!


I'm curious why a Hindu would ask a Christian about the appropriateness of being involved with a Muslim man.

First off, you don't know the man very well. Yes, you have spent a few days with him but it sounds like you spent much of that time getting each other sexually aroused. Christian teaching is that men and women should not sexually touch each other. "Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for a man not to touch a woman" (I Corinthians 7:1). When you are aroused, you don't think clearly. Consider that you are thinking about returning to a foreign country to be with a man who has stated that he cannot marry you, with the clear intent of having sex with him. Is this reasonable?

You might think you love this man, but all you have currently is infatuation. You are in love with how you imagine things will go if you get back together. You are ignoring major issues, such as being able to get married or what religion you will raise your children in if you do manage to get married. What will you do with the fact that the Muslim religion allows a man to have multiple wives?

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