Should Do or Allowed to Do?

by Doy Moyer

“What should I do or not do?” is a question of wisdom.

“What am I allowed to do or not do?” is a question of law.

While we have boundaries of what we are allowed or not allowed to do, and these are vital to know, more will be determined by wisdom and discernment because not everything is spelled out specifically in Scripture. This is why learning the principles of wisdom are so important (Hebrews 5:12-14). Those who are mature seek wisdom, and wisdom is a venture in seeking to glorify God.

It’s not just about crossing lines of law. In fact, if we are not seeking to be wise, then our law-related mindset may result in the attitude exemplified by the one-talent man: “See, you have what is yours” (Matthew 25:25). We give the minimum good (what we have to do) and avoid the maximum bad (what is specified not to do), but we aren’t really trying to give our best in glorifying God with all thoughts and decisions.

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