Poured Out

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Philippians 2:12-18


I.         Under the Law of Moses, there were many different sacrifices and offerings made.

            A.        In fact, they can be downright confusing to sort out because their purposes overlapped each other.

            B.        Under the New Law, Jesus is our one sacrifice for sin - Hebrews 10:11-14

            C.        But this doesn’t mean there are no longer any sacrifices under the Law of Christ

            D.        Sacrificial terms and ideas appear throughout the New Testament

                        1.         Understanding what they meant under the Old Testament helps us better understand the New Testament

II.        Drink Offering

            A.        First mentioned in Genesis 35:14

            B.        The Hebrew word nesek, which is translated as “drink offering” literally means “poured out”

                        1.         This was how the drink offering was given. It was never drank.

            C.        Under the Law of Moses, the drink offering was poured out on the altar of sacrifice - Ezra 7:17

                        1.         It was specifically commanded that no drink offering was to be poured out on the altar of incense - Exodus 30:9

            D.        Because it was poured out, it had no other use. It was something completely given over to God that could not be retrieved.

                        1.         Because of this, it was related to the burnt offering - Exodus 29:40-41

                        2.         David did this with water that three men risked their lives to get for him - II Samuel 23:15-17

                        3.         The drink offering represented a complete devotion to God

            E.        Drink offerings were most often wine, though other liquids were used

                        1.         Oil - Genesis 35:14

                        2.         Water - I Samuel 7:6

                        3.         Blood was used in idolatrous worship - Psalms 16:4

                        4.         Wine - Hosea 9:4

III.       A representation of completely committed

            A.        Hannah denied drinking but instead had poured out her soul before God - I Samuel 1:15

            B.        Job in his distress sees his soul poured out - Job 30:16

            C.        Korah in his distress - Psalms 42:3-5

            D.        Pouring out your heart - Psalms 62:8

            E.        During the destruction of Jerusalem, the children dying are described as their lives being poured out - Lamentations 2:11-12

IV.      Examples

            A.        Thus, when Jesus died on the cross

                        1.         Psalms 22:14 - The prophecy describes it as being poured out like water

                        2.         Isaiah 53:12 - He poured out his soul

                        3.         Philippians 2:5-8 - Jesus emptied himself to save mankind

            B.        Paul saw the giving of his life as a drink offering to God - Philippians 2:17

                        1.         The Philippians had sacrificed themselves and served God.

                        2.         Paul saw his life as the drink offering pour over their sacrifice

                        3.         Paul was willing to completely commit himself to serve the brethren - II Corinthians 12:14-15

                        4.         He mentioned it again at the end of his life - II Timothy 4:6

V.        As Christians

            A.        We are the priests offering sacrifices - I Peter 2:5

            B.        But we are also the sacrifices being offered - Romans 12:1

            C.        Consider also what Paul said about Jesus - Philippians 2:3-5

                        1.         Just as Jesus poured himself out to benefit others, we are to do the same

            D.        It is a part of taking up our cross - Luke 9:23

            E.        Are you committed to Christ?

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