Our congregation would be very liberal if they had the money



I came across your website as I was doing research on the “One Nation Under God” effort by the church of Christ in Tennessee. I want to say I enjoyed reading your article on Institutionalism. I intend on reading more of your articles. We are attending a congregation where we moved about a year and a half ago. They would be very liberal if they had the money, but we are trying to teach them, particularly the minister, on this very issue. Our son-in-law and daughter are holding a Monday night Bible class in their home, to teach on this and other doctrines we don’t feel they are following the Bible on (fellowship hall, orphan homes, feeding orphans in Africa through another congregation, etc.). To say the least, we aren’t making much headway and it’s very disheartening, especially when they are beginning to press their liberal ideas on us knowing what we believe on these issues. We first thought we could work with them and we are trying, but the only one now coming to this class is the minister. These next few classes will tell if we are going to have to decide to do something different or not in regards to worship.

Anyway, sorry to bend your ear. I’ve sent the link to your website to my husband and my son-in-law and they will be looking to see if they can use some of your points in the next class.


I can sympathize. One semester, when I was in college, I was in an area where there were no sound, conservative congregations nearby. Such situations are really hard. Teach as much as you can, and if rejected, start another work -- after all that is how Christianity spreads. At least your family forms a core to start a new work.

What I suggest is to start with the very basics:

  1. God has all authority and man must serve him
  2. Man has no right to innovate
  3. We have to have authority for everything we do
  4. How to establish authority: Command, approved example, and inescapable conclusions.
  5. Examples of those who did not follow God

Liberalism exists because people left the core of what makes Christianity distinctive, taking the easy emotional ways. It is surprising how many can state slogans of the past that are accurate, yet never stop to realize that they have no meaning for them because they do not follow them. So take people back to their roots. Fire them up with a zeal for knowing the truth.

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