One article was an answer to my prayer


I have turned to your website many times to find specific answers, but today was not for that reason. However, it turned out to be very helpful at this particular time. The article written by Doy Moyer, 'Beyond Our Strength," was the answer to a prayer.My husband of 55 years passed away recently and left a big void in my life.  He was a true Christian, so the tears are of gladness.  I miss his presence. After his passing, I was alone physically and had to learn many new things.  It seemed. Things were going downhill every way I turned.  It seemed beyond my strength. After reading the article, I saw clearly that I was not trusting in God fully to do what I couldn't do alone.Thank you so very much for all the good material you offer on your website.  I deeply appreciate your dedication and biblical application.

In Him.


I'm sorry to hear about your husband's passing. It sounds like you have many treasured memories. I pray you have continued strength and are able to be a blessing to others before you make your journey to join him.

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