My new job interferes with going to Bible study. What do I do?


I just started a new job at school where I work the second shift Monday through Friday. The local assembly where I worship meets for Bible study on Wednesday evenings. My question is: according to Hebrews 10:25 is it considered forsaking or neglecting if I miss Wednesday Bible study?


The reason for attending Bible studies is to improve your knowledge of the Bible, help others improve their knowledge of the Bible, and to be an encouragement to everyone. Of course, there is also a requirement to work (II Thessalonians 3:10) and sometimes a person doesn't get an option for hours he works. It isn't an ideal situation and I always encourage people to consider in advance before taking a job that requires missing services to make sure there really isn't an alternative.

But given the situation, have you considered taking your meal break during Bible calls so you can attend? I've done that myself in the past and several here that make that sort of arrangement.

Another alternative is to talk with elders or the congregation and see if another Bible study could be set up for those who can't make the Wednesday night study. At least that way you are still learning and involved with some of the members there.

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