My girlfriend and I fear we will lose each other, even though we aren’t fighting. What are we doing wrong?


I hope you don't consider me a whiner, but I know you are one person who gives me straight answers. My girlfriend and I are engulfed with this fear of losing one another or breaking up. We are not fighting, but the fear is there. Is this normal? What are we doing wrong? Kindly just counsel us.



Fear for no reason is not a reasonable fear. Yet, it is also a common fear. See "Pre-Wedding Jitters" for a case mentioned in the Scriptures.

Most fears come from dealing with the unknown and usually we make situations out to be worse than they really are because our imagination is often richer than reality. Satan likes to play on people's fears because it often drives us to make rash choices that are often bad choices.


Thanks so much for your prompt answers. The "Pre-Wedding Jitters" really helped me and my girlfriend. You opened our eyes big time.

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