Male and Female

by Andy Diestelkamp

Male and female are not defined by the cultures and generations in which we grew up. They are not defined by the present culture. They are not defined by the cultures in which Abraham, Moses, or David lived. They are not defined by the ancient nations of Israel, Greece, or Rome. They are defined neither by western nor eastern civilizations. They are not defined by America. However, they are defined and they are distinctive.

Humanity is not androgynous. It was intentionally created as male and female with both being equally formed in God's image. Yes, sin has messed up that "very good" creation, and the curse has burdened us with biological and spiritual confusion and dysphoria. However, this confusion is not remedied by redefinitions that either deny objective truth or which affirm the desires of the confused as though they are not confused.

Yes, compassion (instead of repulsion) for the confused should be our response, but true compassion does not affirm or otherwise enable a charade. Compassion provides the confused with the stability of righteousness as defined by God. (The essential definitions of man and woman and the roles for which God designed them must be derived from His revelation.) Of course, the remedy is ultimately found for all of us in the grace extended by our Creator, which does not enable us to continue in sin but to be conformed to the image of His Son.

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