It Lives and Abides Forever

by Terry Wane Benton

Some people who never read the Bible form a view of it anyway. They were told that the Bible is out of date, not up with modern culture, has lost its relevance to our times, and is just a mixture of myths and fables anyway. They did not get that view by actually reading the Bible but by the pride of life in thinking they can pull such a view out of thin air, and it would be true simply because they think so and say so.

The Bible itself actually claims that it did not come from the mind of man but that “holy men of God were moved along by the Holy Spirit” (II Peter 1:19-21). The Bible claims that “all scripture is given by inspiration of God” (II Timothy 3:16-17), which means “God-breathed.” The Bible constantly challenged its own culture of idolatry, myths, and superstition while still claiming that there is an invisible living Creator. The true God versus all the superstitious pagan gods of idolatry. That makes sense! The Bible rebukes the nation of Israel for letting themselves get pulled into the phony religions of idolatry when the One that gives life to all is ignored or abandoned for the visible works of men’s hands.

So, technically, the Bible never was “in step with the times.” It was always challenging the culture and challenging the times. It never tried to “fit in” with people, as it always called people to “fit in” with the Holy Creator. That means that when we properly and carefully read the Bible, we can expect that it possesses qualities that demonstrate wisdom from above, even the ability, in many cases, to foretell things that humans had no ability to foresee or foretell.

The Bible stands above all religious books in this characteristic. The power to foretell the fall of great cities and nations and, especially, of a coming Messiah-Savior is an attribute found only in the Bible. The Bible actually shows divine wisdom, embedding darker “shadows” of the coming Messiah-Savior and prophesying details about where and when He would come. Peter says we would do well to heed it like a light in a dark place (II Peter 1:16-21), and he quotes the Old Testament that says the word of the Lord “lives and abides forever” (I Peter 1: 23-25). In other words, God saw to it that His word would “live” and “abide” through all the coming generations and remain fresh, alive, and relevant “forever.” Those who read and study it carefully know the truth that sets them free (John 8:30-31) from doubt. They know it lives and abides, and it is the most powerful and relevant message of all messages. It enlightens us in a dark world, transforms our inner character, and delivers a living hope embedded in the fact of Jesus and the fact of His demonstrated power over death. It is the most relevant book that has ever been written. You would do well to heed it as a light in a dark world!

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