Isn’t Satan female in Hebrew?


Regarding your post, Is Satan female?: if you were studying Hebrew you would know that Satan is a woman, so why is does your answer cite the English? If an early translator took a Hebrew word that means "she who bears many children" and chose to translate it as "set you so," or, took a Hebrew word which means "her" and chose to translate it as "he," how do readers of the English ever know the truth?

I have not perused any of the rest of your site, because I presume this page represents an adequate example of the rest of your opinions. Therefore, you most likely make the same false claims elsewhere where you also fail to prove anything. You have only proven what the English Bible says which is about 95% wrong, as any seminary class which uses an authoritative lexicon as study material will reveal.

If you would like, I can send you work that proves that Satan is a woman, and I can do it using only Hebrew. Then again, I imagine that doing so, even if you believed me, would not alter anything else about you. You will remain in fulfillment of the prophecy of Jeremiah 23:21 The question remains, do you preach falsehood because you are ignorant of the truth, or because people don't 'tithe' and donate to ministers who preach the truth?

A Proud Member of the House of Yahweh


The Hebrew word for Satan is hassatan. It means "adversary" or "opponent." In Hebrew, it does not have a male or female gender attached to this particular noun. However, in Job 1:7 we can read:

wayyo'mer (and He said) yehwah (Yahweh) 'el-hassatan (to Satan) me'ayin (from where) tavo (have you come) wayya'an (and he answered) hassatan (Satan) 'eth-yehwah (Yahweh) wayyo'mar (and he said) mishshut (from roaming) ba'arets (on the earth) umehithhallekh (and going back and forth).

What we are interested in is that tavo is a second-person masculine verb and wayya'an is a third-person masculine verb. Both are referring to Satan. Thus in Hebrew, Satan is referred to with masculine terms and not feminine.

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