Is teaching that sin is not inherited misleading?


Please go back to the Bible.  What you say in this article is not in any way biblical and so is misleading.  Sin is inherited.  All are born sinful.  The Holy Spirit is the way our hearts are opened to God.  And I am not Salvation Army - simply an evangelical Anglican.  We must be biblical in what we teach or we point people to hell.


I agree. I'm not certain which article you are referencing. The most recent post concerning the Salvation Army and inherited sin was, "You make no attempt to understand the Salvation Army." In that article are references to numerous documents outlining from the Scriptures why certain beliefs are not biblical, showing Scriptures to support the points. I gave:

Each article is filled with Scriptural references. So far, you have given me your opinion without the backing of God (I Peter 4:11). You claim I'm wrong, but you haven't shown it to be so. I'm willing to address the points you may raise, but the discussion needs to be from the Bible.

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